SAS, 1 year old Sas at 1 day old

Sassy SOLD

Faint-Hearted Ranch Sasquatch

Goat, Myotonic, Buck (male) | Tri-color w/brown eyes

MGR#  | DOB: 4/21/2019 (2 yrs)

Faint-Hearted Ranch Copper

"On Hold"

Faint-Hearted Ranch Copper

MyotonicBuck (male)Tri-color
MGR# C9185DOB: 12/14/20146 yrs
Excellent producing buck, easy Keeper. Walks well on a lead and has such a sweet, great temperament. He is a Good producer of both substance and color. Please email me for more info on this handsome buck.
 MGR# C9185 Tri-color
Faint-Hearted Ranch Allis

Faint-Hearted Ranch Allis

MyotonicDoe (female)Black with minimal white. Blue eyes
 MGR#  Black with minimal white. Blue eyes


"Sassy" is a polled buckling showing great width. I'm really liking how he is growing out. His dam is one of my favorite does and her kids tend to grow out exceptionally well. His sire is also from our moonspotted genetics so he may also throw some great color. Sassy is also a very easy going buck. He loves attention.

Updated 2/19/2021