Starburst Grand Champion jr. Doe

Faint-Hearted Ranch StarburstBred

Goat, Myotonic, Doe (female)

MGR#  | DOB:  (Due Date: 2/9/2019)

Ancient Valley Ranch Cappucino Cooler
Faint-Hearted Ranch Bryannas Star
Service Sire:
Faint-Hearted Ranch Coal Keeper

Faint-Hearted Ranch Coal Keeper

MyotonicBuck (male)Black and White with blue eyes
MGR# C6200DOB: 12/22/20135 yrs
Keeper is an excellent producer. We have retained numerous offspring from him over the years. His kids have proven themselves both in the show ring and the breeding pen. If you are looking for an easy going, friendly buck that will add excellent toplines and length to your herd.....Keeper is the buck for you.
 MGR# C6200 Black and White with blue eyes

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FGG Grand champion jr. Doe

Updated 9/21/2019


Doe (female)Black with minimal white. Blue eyes 
Not for Sale
Jr. Doe (female)Under 1 yrWhite with black markings / blue ey
Jr. Doe (female)Under 1 yrBrown and white w/ blue eyes
Not for Sale