Our Maremma Livestock Guardian dogs play a very important role on our ranch.

As you can probably imagine, fainting goats and poultry are extremely susceptible to predation.  Coyotes, stray dogs, owls, hawks, Bobcats and mountain lions were starting to become a problem here at our little ranch, so I did some research on humane ways to deal with predation.  I found Maremmas and fell in love with the breed.  If you are interested in researching Livestock guardian dogs I recommend www.lgd.org it is a great site with a lot of information on training and has advice on how to pick the right livestock guardian dog for your farm or ranch.  If you are interested in Maremmas here is one of my favorite sites: Maremma  We have recently brought in an Ovcharka female and a Gampr puppy to help our Maremma Lucius in his guarding duties after our beloved Athena passed away.  Atty was an amazing LGD who gave her life protecting her goats from a Mojave Green rattlesnake.  We will miss her always.