Faint-Hearted Ranch Myotonic Goat Breeding Schedule

May Kiddings


FHR Fern FHR Keeper

FHR Starburst FHR Keeper


October Kiddings


FHR Winter Glory FHR Rising Son

Hush Hills Blu Jewel FHR Rising Son

FHR Copper Penny FHR Mischief

FHR Fancy pants FHR Mischief

FHR Sunrise FHR Mischief


November Kiddings


FHR Red Riding Hood Bakkens Bobby Joe


Shipping is available at the buyers expense.  I would be more then happy than happy to help you find reasonable transport as I deal with shipping on a regular basis.  I also will ship kids by air but extra gas fees will be added. We do travel to out of state shows 1-2x a year.... if you can meet us along our route delivery of kids  from our herd is free.... a $25 fee will be added for adult goats from our herd.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I love to talk about my fainters.   Email us! 


Sales Policy

Please Read Thoroughly

4-H members will receive a $25 discount on breeding stock (Must provide proof of active club membership and the club name.)

Faint-Hearted Ranch does not offer stud service to untested does.

If you are interested in breeding to one of our bucks I will need to see paperwork (dated within 3 weeks) showing CAE, CL and Johnes negative results from a trustworthy lab (WADDL, UC Davis etc.) on EVERY doe being brought to our property. Visual inspection of health is also required before entering our premises. If interested in buck services please ask to see a breeding contract.

The buyer is responsible for payment of the following for out of state transportation:

~Health certificate and vet check~ $45
~Cost of any extra blood tests that your state may require~
~Shipping crate (if using air transport)
~ gas fees to LAX airport (if using air transport)

~air fees or transport fees~

I highly recommend ground transport as it is much more convenient and usually more cost effective. I am more than happy to help set up transport as I deal with out of state buyers/transport on a regular basis.

Please check for what your state requirements are when importing livestock. Additional testing (TB, Brucellosis, etc.) will be at the buyer's expense.

We will gladly bring your kids to any show that we are attending, free of charge. Buyers are also welcome to pick up their kid(s) at the farm so that they can see the dam and other relatives first-hand.

Our herd is tested annually for CAE, CL and Johnes as of October, 2010, 2011 and 2012 all results have been NEGATIVE! J 

We require a non refundable deposit to hold a kid until weaning (8 weeks of age).  We will only hold a kid until it reaches 8 weeks of age without payment in full. After that time, if the kid/kids have not been paid in full, the animal will be offered for sale to others and you will forfeit any payments. If the animal is not picked up at the agreed upon time, a boarding fee of $1.00 per day may be applied. An animal must be paid in full to leave our property. All expenses (including board, vet and shipping) must be paid before an animal is shipped.

Faint-Hearted Ranch reserves the right to retain any reserved animal for any reason.
If this is done, any payments received will be returned to the buyer.
Faint-Hearted Ranch sells animals that are healthy and sound at the time of transfer. We cannot guarantee that they will mature as you or we would expect. We cannot guarantee their mature coat length, quality of their offspring, etc. We can only make educated guesses. There are many factors involved in the development of an animal including life-long management (feeding, health care maintenance, parasite control, housing, breeding, stress, etc).

We will however do our best to realistically represent the animal with photos and detailed descriptions for long-distance buyers. All sales are final.

If we sell breeding stock that proves to be infertile (backed up with a Vet or AI collectorís detailed report for verification) we feel an obligation to replace it with our choice of something comparable, depending on availability. We will require the infertile animalís certificate of registration to be turned over to us for the replacement.

A purchaser has the right to a full veterinary examination at his/her expense on any animals to be purchased. We are not responsible for the health of any animal purchased from us
from the time it leaves the farm, under most circumstances. Should we be presented with a Vetís official statement that the animal in question had a congenital, or another underlying condition prior to transfer, we will replace the animal with another of equal value. Faint-Hearted Ranch will not claim responsibility for illness, damage or death as a result of shipping. Accidents happen.

Kids are handled as soon as possible after birth and from then on as time permits in order to ensure a socialized, friendly kid.  We try to be there for every birth.
All kids will come registered and with transfers for MHB and/or MGR and MSFGA if applicable..
All kids not polled are disbudded between the ages of 2-10 days of age. If you choose to have your kid remain horned it must be paid for in full by 10 days of age.  All kids past 6 weeks of age will have their first booster of CD/T - Sometimes the site of the shot will leave a little bump. This will disappear with time.

If a doe is posted as being "exposed" to a buck we do not guarantee that animal is bred. "Exposed" means that animal has been in with a buck for a period of time.
If an animal is posted as being "bred", that means we have either not seen that doe come back into heat for an entire heat cycle, or had a blood test to assure pregnancy.
There will be no refund of money under any circumstance for a doe that aborts or does not have live viable kids.

If you have any questions about the above policies please ask before committing to purchase.
Buyers will either be sent or asked to print out a contract of our sales policy plus info of the animal for sale, sign it, and send it to us.
The buyer will receive a copy for their own documentation.